These pictures were taken in January 2009 while on the dive boat Nautica. Our route took us from Phuket, Thailand to the Mergui Islands in Burma and back to Phuket.

All photos were taken with a Nikon D-70 digital SLR camera in a Nexus housing, Nikon 16mm, 20mm and 105mm lenses and two Sea & Sea YS-120 strobes.

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Map of Thailand/Burma Golden temple Temple entrance Temple statues Unusual spotted nudibranch
Divers and coral forest Ornate Ghost Pipefish 3 moray eels sharing a hole Anenomefish at home Diver in cavern
Anenome closed up Diver and soft corals Black and yellow crinoid Nudibranch Spotted nudibranch
Fishing boat at sunset Swimmer in a calm sea Large Scorpionfish Anenomefish at home Crown-Of-Thorns Starfish
Crown-Of-Thorns Starfish closeup Anenomefish on the reef Brightly colored flatworm Small Goby on sea fan Goby living in anenome
Anenome Shrimp Diver exploring a tunnel Porcelain Crab Two Anenome Shrimp Table coral and soft corals
Bluebell Tunicates Diver and soft corals Lionfish hiding in a sea fan Moral Eel Divers and large Zebra Shark
Divers and large Zebra Shark Emperor Angelfish Divers and a colorful wall Divers find a Scorpionfish Pufferfish
Mantis Shrimp, about 5 inches long Blue-Ring Angelfish Grouper resting on the reef Nudibranch Diver and soft corals
Reef scene with soft corals Divers find a curious Octopus Divers and a colorful wall Divers hanging out in a strong current Manta Ray passes overhead
Manta with remoras on its back Dive buddies at the end of another great dive Hawkfish guards his patch of reef Schooling fish Ornate Butterflyfish
Tiny Damselfish and red sea fan Misty islands and flat sea Fishing boat at sunset

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