St. Croix is a special place for me. My parents and I moved there in the 60's and I grew up snorkeling,
sailing and diving all around the island. Living there had a profound effect on me: with the exception
of a brief incarceration in a New England prep school I have never lived more than a short distance
from the ocean.

It was here that my Dad taught me diving, spearfishing, boat handling and to always think twice and act
once, especially underwater. What he taught me has kept me safe on many dives in many oceans.
Thanks, Dad.

All photos were taken with a Nikon D-70 digital SLR camera in a Nexus housing. Underwater light
was provided by two Sea & Sea YS-120 strobes.

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Map of St. Croix Christiansted Fort Christianvaren Harbor as seen from the fort Christiansted as seen from the fort
Fort gates Danish customs house

Fredriksted Pier is one of the best macro locations in the Caribbean. This pier is known for
seahorses; they like to wrap their tails around the sponges on the pilings. The sponges on the pilings
provide shelter for a myriad of juvenile life.

Seahorse Seahorse Seahorse Sponges on piling Juvenile French Angel on piling
Divemaster Ann and a stingray Colony of French Grunts under the pier Green Frogfish and sponges on a piling Baitfish wrapping around a piling Divemaster Ann and the baitfish
Trumpetfish Oscellated Frogfish Oscellated Frogfish

The west end of St. Croix is also know for wrecks. There are 5 wrecks near Butler Bay, all within a couple
hundred yards of each other. These wrecks provide truly excellent diving and are a great complement to the reefs
and the pier.

Wreck at Butler Bay Sponges on a wreck A diver approaching a wreck Sponges taking over the bridge Relaxing between dives
Exploring another wreck Diver above a sponge-covered wreck Gray Angel on wreck Cleaner Gobies on a sponge Divemaster Ann and a sponge colony

Do any Internet search on St. Croix and chances are you'll see a mention of Cane Bay. The north shore of St. Croix is
home to a steep dropoff, unique to the Virgin Islands. The dropoff is easily accessable from shore and the proximity
of the Cane Bay Dive Shop and several beach bars makes this a popular dive site.

View of beach and dive shop, Cane Bay Ruins of a sugar mill as seen from the ocean Hawksbill Turtle Diver and Sponges Diver and Sponges
Juvenile Hawksbill Turtle Cleaner Goby on Brain Coral Arrow Crab in Barrel Sponge

Salt River is an estuary on the north shore of the island. It's of historical interest because Columbus stopped off
there in 1493 on his second voyage to the New World. The dropoff is close to shore, but since it's past the barrier reef
a boat ride is required.

Hawksbill Turtle Blackbar Soliderfish, Salt River Flamingo Tongues Adult Hawksbill Turtle Flamingo Tongue on Sea Fan
Peppermint Goby on Star Coral Lizardfish Red-spotted Hawkfish

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