I have been to San Diego a couple of times. San Diego has excellent diving. There are a number of large wrecks off Mission Beach, most notably the Yukon and the Ruby E. The Ruby E is covered with strawberry anemones and it looks as though it's coated in pink frosting.

I also did a trip to the Cortez Banks. The Banks is a shallow area about 100 miles offshore. The water is about 60 feet deep and the diving is very good. The Banks have large kelp forests and abundant fish populations.

All photos were taken with a Olympus 4040 digital camera in a Tetra housing. Underwater light was provided by two Sea & Sea YS-120 strobes.

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Map of San Diego area Art Koch on the Yukon Metridiums on Yukon's propeller Art on the Ruby E Tritonia nudibranch on the Ruby E
Closeup of the nudibranch Art on the Ruby E Strawberry anemones on the Ruby E The bridge of the Ruby E Copper Rockfish
Hermissenda nudibranch

Cortez Banks

Scorpionfish School of mackerel in kelp forest Sardines Clown nudibranch Mola-mola

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