These pictures were taken while on the dive boat "Caribbean Explorer II" in May of 2012. Our route took us from St. Kitts to Saba, then to St. Maarten for the flight home.

The diving in St. Kitts was good. The diving in Saba was spectacular, some of the best I have ever seen in the Caribbean. The waters syrrounding Saba are a marine preserve, and it shows. Crystal-clear water and abundant marine life everywhere made this an unforgettable location. I'd go gack to Saba in an instant.

All photos were taken with a Nikon D300 camera in a Sea & Sea housing with 16mm, 60mm and 105mm lenses. One Sea & Sea YS-120 strobe was used for underwater lighting.

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Map of St. Kitts and Saba View of St. Eustatius from Brimstone Hill Brimstone Hill fortress from the sea Eastern part of St. Kitts near Basseterre Sunset on St. Kitts
Basseterre harbor at sunset Lizardfish close-up Arrow Crab in a sponge Cleaner Goby on a sponge Shrimp colony in an anemone
Black-lined Sea Goddess nudibranch Art on the Corinthian, St. Kitts Art on the Corinthian, St. Kitts Art on the Corinthian, St. Kitts Frogfish
Peacock Flounder Sunset Doing some photography DM Brett with an old anchor in the reef Anemone tentacles
Tiny Anemome Shrimp Cleaner Shrimp on a sponge Photographing the reef Sea Lettuce nudibranch Star Coral open at night
Divers descending the anchor line Divers and Black Coral, Saba Art and Black Coral, Saba Divers and Black Coral forest Divers at Diamond Rock, Saba
DM Claire and a trumpetfish Divers at Diamond Rock, Saba Divers at Diamond Rock, Saba Diver and sponges, Saba Diver and sponges, Saba
Cowfish at Diamond Rock Art and a sponge Diver and sponges, Saba Grouper close-up DM Claire under a ledge
Cleaner Goby on star coral Grouper being cleaned by a Goby Secretary Blennie peeking out from his hole Trumpetfish Nurse Shark hunting at night
Stingray hunting at night Old Customs House, Saba Divers and sponges Divers and sponges Art and sponges
Divers and sponges French Angelfish Frogfish The Bottom, Saba Saba's airstrip
Saba from the ocean Getting ready for another dive Pooh and Sara gliding through the blue

Lionfish are normally native to the Indo-Pacific but over the past few years they have spread to the Caribbean
where they are now fourishing.

DM Claire and a lionfish Lionfish close-up Lionfish eating a Chromis

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