These pictures were taken in December 2004 while on the dive boat Nekton Rorqual. Our route took us out of Mayaguez
to Deschecho, Mona and Monito islands.

All photos were taken with a Nikon D-70 digital camera, Nikon 16mm, 20mm and 105mm lenses and a Tamron
28-200mm lens. Underwater light was provided by two Sea & Sea YS-120 strobes.

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Map of Puerto Rico Diver and a nice pillar coral Diver and an old anchor buried in the reef Divers on a safety stop after a dive Dive deck of the Nekton Rorqual
Diver and a juvenile Hawksbill turtle A small, pink coral cluster on the reef Banded Coral shrimp and a colorful sponge Flame Scallop nestled deep in the reef Scarlet-Striped Cleaner shrimp
A very large Green Moray A blue-eyed Hermit Crab living in a conch shell Diver in a sponge-encrusted grotto Diver and a colorful anemone Diver and an old anchor off Monito
Divers and the very clear water off Monito Diver exploring the wall at Monito Rorqual picking us up after a dive at Monito Diver and Barrel sponges at Monito Diver and a Nurse Shark at Monito
A Rock Beauty poses for the camera Close-up of a Sea Fan A Great Barracuda smiles Divemaster JJ and sponges Flamingo Tongue on a Sea Fan
Christine, Matty and Cheryl serve dinner Divers look at the rough water off Monito Divers looking at Monito before a dive Recovering divers with a live pickup at Monito Sunset off Mona Island
A building on Calle Cristo in Old San Juan Calle San Francisco and the Governor's Palace Holiday lights in Old San Juan An old guard post at the El Morro fortress Street in Old San Juan
Guard posts at the El Morro fortress

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