Taken on the dive boat "Damai" in September of 2017. Our route took us from Biak through Cenderawasih Bay, then around to Sorong.

All photos taken with a Nikon D-300 DSLR, Nikon 60mm, 105mm and 10-24mm lenses and two Sea & Sea YS-250 strobes.

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Map of western New Guinea Large school of Sweetlips Dive buddies Art & Sara Colorful Masked Angelfish Getting ready for a dive on the Damai
Skiffs getting ready to leave the Damai Diver and large lettuce corals Colorful Nudibranch Closeup of a large scallop Crab living on a sea cucumber
Coral head Stingray buried in the sand Juvenile Emperor Angelfish The Damai at anchor in Biak School of Chevron Barracuda
Pom-Pom Crab Anenome and dive skiff Cenderawasih Bay endemic Butterfly Fish Local and his canoe Butterfly Fish
Catalina PBY airplane from World War II Wobbegone Shark, about 7 feet long Colorful coral Pygmy Seahorse at home in a seafan School of jacks
Large sponge Wire Coral Shirmp at home Anthia being cleaned by a wrasse African Pompano New Guinea mountains
Dining salon on the Damai I On the skiff after a nice dive Divemaster Suzanna On the way to see the whale sharks Diver's view of the skiff

Cenderawasih Bay is known for whale sharks. The sharks come up to stationary fishing platforms and the fisherman feed them so divers can see them. These sharks are fairly young, about 20 feet long. Adults can be up to 40 feet long.

Whale Shark and Pilot Fish at surface Whale Shark Whale Shark Whale Sharks and divers at fishing platform Whale Shark
Whale Shark near the surface Whale Sharks feeding at fishing platform Whale Sharks feeding at fishing platform Whale Shark near the surface

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