These pictures were taken in June 1999 while on the dive boat 'Nimrod III' out of Cairns, Australia.
Our route took us from Cairns up to Lizard Island and back, stopping at the reefs along the way.

The Great Barrier Reef is known for a dive site called Cod Hole. Here very large (200+ pound) groupers
called 'Potato Cods' live and are fed by the visting dive boats. These fish are very tame and allow
divers to swin right up to them

All photos were taken with a Nikonos V underwater camera, Nikon 15mm and macro lenses. Underwater
light was provided by two Sea & Sea YS-120 strobes.

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Map of Cairns area Blue starfish on a coral head Tridactna clam, about 5 feet across Pink Anenomefish at home Potato Cod, about 200 lbs.
Close-up of a Potato Cod Fish feeding at Cod Hole Getting ready for the banquet Getting ready for the banquet The 'banquet' turns into a free-for-all
Purple-tipped staghorn coral Marc Rice and a soft coral Soft corals on the reef More soft corals Cup corals
Close-ups of more soft corals Cuttlefish eye Large Emperor Angelfish Peacock Flounder at night Marc Rice an a lionfish at night
Fishbowl area at top of reef A typical reef scene Damselfish living in a coral cluster Clear water on reef tops Large (and aggressive) Titan Triggerfish
Salon of the Nimrod III View from salon door - rough and choppy Windy and choppy out there Coral wall Christmas Tree Worms in a coral head
Coral closeup Soft coral near the surface Puffer fish at night Anemonefish at home

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