I spent several weeks in Ecuador, one week diving in the Galapago and another in an eco-lodge outside of Quito. It was an unforgettable trip.

The diving in the Galapagos is challenging, with strong currents being the norm. All the diving is done from large inflatable skiffs that drop off and pick up the divers at the site.

The Galapagos Islands are a truly amazing place. We dove with schools of hundreds of sharks, penguins and sea lions. On land you can see hundreds of types of birds, rare tortoises, marine and land iguanas. Many of the animals you see are found nowhere else on earth.

All photos were taken with a Nikon D-70 digital camera, Nikon 16mm, 20mm and 105mm lenses and a Tamron 28-200mm lens. Underwater light was provided by two Sea & Sea YS-120 strobes.

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Galapagos Islands map Aggressor at anchor, Semour Island The crew in their dress whites, welcoming us aboard The Aggressor's salon after a long day of diving The Aggressor's salon after a long day of diving
Divers getting ready on the skiff at Darwin's Arch A school of Razor Surgeonfish A school of Goatfish and a Burrito Grunt A strong current with several Wrasses and Parrotfish School of Hammerhead Sharks
A diver drifts over a school of Opaleyes Diver and a large Southern Stingray at Gordon Rocks Longnose Hawkfish Coral Hawkfish Large-Banded Blenny
Snorkeler dives in the cavern at Wolf Island Scuba divers in the cavern entrance Diver and a large Moray Eel at Wolf Island Divers doing a safety stop in open water after a dive The skiff picking up divers at Darwin's Arch
Heading back to the boat after a dive Chris and a young sea lion at Wolf Island Sea lions playing at Plaza Island Sea lion playing at Plaza Island Sea lions playing at Plaza Island
Sea lion and school of fish, Santa Cruz Island Marine Iguanas Marine Iguanas Land Iguana Nesting Male Frigate bird
Sea Lion sunning himself on Seymour Island Sea Lion mother and pup, Plaza Island Galapagos Penguins Galapagos Penguins A pair of penguins ponder the possibilities
The Aggressor anchored at Wolf Island The Aggressor (right) at anchor at Plaza Island

The Galapagos Islands are known for their giant tortoises. These creatures can live for 150 to 200 years.

Divemaster Nicholas and a tortoise Tortoise closeup Divemaster Nicholas and tortoises

After a remarkable week in the islands I went to Quito, Ecaudor with my friends Art and Chris. We spent some time exploring the market town of Otovalo and went 14,000 feet up the Cotopaxi volcano and saw the glaciers up there. We only scratched the surface of Ecuador. I hope one day to return and see more.

A young girl selling dolls near Otavalo, Ecuador A woman and her llama near Otavalo The valley into Otovalo Art and Chris at the famous market at Otavalo Handmade tapestry in the market
Otavalo is famous for its textiles, all handwoven Base area at Cotopaxi, over 14,000 ft elevation View down into the valley from Cotopaxi Chris, Art and myself on Cotopaxi. Cold up there!

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