I have made two trips to Fiji, in 1999 and 2001. Fiji has some incredible diving and some of the happiest, most hospitable people on the earth. The Fijians truly welcome visitors and do their best to make them feel at home. The world would be a much better place if everyone had a Fijian philosophy!

All photos were taken with a Nikon N90 film camera in a Nexus housing and a Olympus 4040 digital camera in a Tetra housing. Underwater light was provided by two Sea & Sea YS-120 strobes.

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Map of Fiji Pregnant Gray Reef Shark, Gau Is Gray Reef Shark, Gau Is Diver with soft corals, Namena Is Curious Blue Angelfish, Wakaya Is
Aggressor after a long dive at E-6 Pink Anemone fish at home Siphon hole and mantle of a Tridactna clam Falco Hawkfish, Namena Is Large Grouper at Namena Is
Relaxing on the shade deck at Gau Is Grouper camouflaged in a sea fan Long Nose Hawkfish and sea fan, Wakaya Wall Art Koch in the tunnel at Jim's Alley, Gau Is Wakaya Island from the salon
Pink Anenomefish at Makogai Is Blizzard of fish and soft corals at Makogai Is Trio of Pennantfish, Namena Is Soft coral at the E-6 reef Razor (Mushroom) coral at night
Long-Nosed Hawkfish on red fan coral Beaked Leatherjacket, a type of filefish Close-up of another Lionfish Dropoff at North Save-A-Tack Passage, Namena Is Lots of fish at Namea Is
Small anthia in a sea fan at night Close-up of a Scorpionfish Unusual Anenome Shrimp, Namena Is Large red cleaner shrimp, Namena Is Close-up of Sea Cucumber skin
A well-armed Blenny in his coral hole Purple-tipped coral Soft corals on a wall Crinoid at night Nudibranch at night
Octopus peeks out from the coral Sea fan off Barracuda Point, Wakaya Is Polyps on a soft coral Coral outside the lagoon, Namena Is Starfish on staghorn coral
Starfish on soft coral Leaf Scorpionfish Fiji Aggressor from the skiff

The South Pacific is known for an unusual eel called a Blue Ribbon Eel. These eels are very slender, usually
only as big around as your thumb, but they can grow up to 5 feet long. Most of their body stays hidden in
the reef. As you can see they have incredible coloration and really dress up an already beautiful reef.

Blue Ribbon Eel, Wayaka Is Blue Ribbon Eel, Wakaya Is Blue Ribbon Eel, Wakaya Is Blue Ribbon Eel, Wakaya Is

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