These pictures were taken in August 2014.

Cocos Island is a tiny, uninhabited island 300 miles off the coast of Costa Rica.
It is known for large animals, especially sharks. Hammerhead sharks can be seen there
in schools of hundreds. Whale sharks are common.

Cocos Island is very remote. It takes a day and a half by boat to reach it. There is no
airstrip or visitor accommodations. Divers stay on the boat that brought them out.

All photos were taken with a Nikon D-300 digital SLR camera in a Sea & Sea housing, Nikon 10-24mm and
60mm lenses and two Sea & Sea YS-250 strobes.

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Location of Cocos Island Lens reflection End of the dive Iguana Sunset
Sunrise One of the many waterfalls Our home away from home The island and a dive skiff Another rainy day
Whale shark Hammerhead shark Tiger shark Spotted Eagle Ray Spotted Eagle Ray and Trevally
Marbled Ray School of Jacks Hammerhead silhouette School of hammerheads passing above School of hammerheads passing above
Whale shark and Trevally Whale shark Diver and Whale shark Divers and Whale shark Diver photographing a large Amberjack
Herd of Whitetip Sharks School of fish in tunnel Marbled Ray and school of fish School of fish in tunnel Large Galapagos shark
Giant Hawkfish Whitetip shark Whitetip shark and school of fish Whitetip shark and school of fish Whitetip shark and school of fish
Hammerhead shark Agouti Butterfly Mushrooms in the rain forest Capuchin monkey in the rain forest
Crocodile in the rain forest

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