These pictures were taken in July 2008 while on the dive boat Cayman Aggressor IV. Our route took
us from Grand Cayman to Little Cayman, Cayman Brac and back to Georgetown.

We lost a couple of dives due to Tropical Storm (later Hurricane) Dolly, but after a lot of wind and
rain we were back to doing what we came for: diving!

All photos were taken with a Nikon D-70 digital SLR camera in a Nexus housing, Nikon 16mm, 20mm and
105mm lenses and two Sea & Sea YS-120 strobes.

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Map of the Caymans Red sky in morning, sailor take warning... Hello, Dolly... Getting wet from tropical storm Dolly Cleaner Goby on a sponge
Slender Filefish on the Doc Polson DM Cassie and a large sea fan Arrow Crab on a sea fan Stingray City Brandon photographing a stingray
Wayne and a new friend Brandon and a sea fan covered overhang Ken and Marty on a nice dropoff An anemone on the wall Turquoise water at Little Cayman
Al and a sea fan at Bloody Bay wall Marty and a sponge, with the Aggressor above The Aggressor far above a sponge on the wall Vase sponge and red rope sponges A turtle drifts past the dive boat
Two male Pikeblennies argue over territory Anemone tentacles Bruce and a large lobster Male jawfish with eggs in his mouth Male jawfish with eggs in his mouth
Blue-striped grunt Brittle star on a sponge Brittle stars on a sponge Brittle star on a sponge Anemone tentacles
Relaxing on the sun deck Cheryl in a swim-through Ken and a turtle on Bloody Bay wall Marty and the turtle Closeup of a gorgonian
Cleaner Goby on star coral Christmas Tree worms on brain coral DM Cassie in a cavern, Grand Cayman Over-under view of the Aggressor

An interesting dive site in the Caymans is located next to Cayman Brac. In the 1990's the Cayman government
bought a used Russian destroyer from Cuba and sank it as an artifical reef. The wreck is rapidly being overgrown
with all sort of marine life and is a great dive site.

Divers approaching the wreck Cheryl and a sponge on the wreck Sponges on the wreck Diver checking out the inside of the wreck Ken and one of the gun mounts

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