These pictures were taken in September 2004 on Bonaire in the Dutch Antilles. Bonaire is a world-famous dive
destination and has calm, clear water and an abundance of marine life.

Bonaire, along with the islands of Aruba and Curacao were captured by the Dutch from the Spanish in 1633 and
have remained a Dutch colony since then.

All photos were taken with a Nikon D-70 digital camera, Nikon 16mm, 20mm and 105mm lenses and a
Tamron 28-200mm lens. Underwater light was provided by two Sea & Sea YS-120 strobes.

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Map of Bonaire Bonaire: home of clear, turquoise water... Iguanas and other lizards are everywhere Using cactus as a fence on a dry, arid island Another cactus fence
Many large orange sponges around the island A French Angel loitering under the dive boat Divers and some very long tube sponges Another French Angel and a diver at Klein Bonaire Large Porcupine Pufferfish hiding in the rope sponges
A pair of curious Reef Squid A large Snapper on the reef at Klein Bonaire Another large orange sponge A small grouper known as a Coney Christmas Tree worms, common but beautiful
Pederson's Anemone shrimp, about an inch long A Lizardfish gives a toothy smile Closeup of a French Angelfish Pedersen's Shrimp and the anemone he lives in Long-lure Frogfish
Another Frogfish posing on a tube sponge Banded Butterflyfish hiding in a coral cave at night Snapper and minnows on the Hilma Hooker Divers and sponges on the Hilma Hooker Yet another Pederson's Shrimp
Diver the pillars of the Salt Pier A pair of French Angelfish at the Salt Pier Orange Cup Corals and a sponge, Town Pier More Cup Corals and orange sponges On our way to another dive site
A juvenile Spotted Drumfish A large Schoolmaster Snapper looks uneasily at the camera A sharp-toothed Moray Eel

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