These are my favorite images, taken on a lot of dives in a lot of oceans.

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Humpback Whale, Alaska Brown Irish Lord, Alaska Copper Rockfish, Alaska Moon Jellyfish, Alaska Alabaster Nudibranch, Alaska
Brittle Starfish, Belize Diver and sponges, Belize Diver and sponges, Belize Sunset, Belize Blue Chromis, Belize
Divers and sponge, Bonaire Lizardfish smiling, Bonaire French Angelfish, Bonaire Shrimp and anemone, Bonaire Long-lure Frogfish, Bonaire
Pederson's Shrimp, Bonaire Turtle on wall, Caymans Male Jawfish and eggs, Caymans Brittle stars on sponge, Caymans Diver and turtle, Caymans
Goby on star coral, Caymans Diver on wreck, Caymans Anemones and sponges, Channel Islands Bat Ray in kelp forest, Channel Islands Blue-Banded Gobies, Channel Islands
Moray Eel, Channel Islands Spanish Shawl nudibranch, Channel Islands Colorful nudibranchs, Channel Islands Diver and Sea Lion, Channel Islands Diver and hydrocoral, Channel Islands
Garibaldi, Channel Islands Scorpionfish, Channel Islands Divers at Santa Barbara Is., Channel Islands Sunrise, Cocos Island Whale shark, Cocos Island
Tiger shark, Cocos Island Diver and Whale shark, Cocos Island Whitetip shark, Cocos Island Hammerhead shark, Cocos Island Long Nose Hawkfish, Fiji
Beaked Leatherjacket, Fiji Nudibranch, Fiji Blue Ribbon Eel, Fiji Goatfish and Burrito Grunt, Galapagos Large-Banded Blenny, Galapagos
Divers in a cavern, Galapagos Playful Sea Lions, Galapagos Pink Anenomefish, Great Barrier Reef Staghorn coral, Great Barrier Reef Soft corals, Great Barrier Reef
Lava river, Hawaii Hairy Hermit Crab, Hawaii Diver at Honaunau, Hawaii Potter's Angelfish, Hawaii Flameback Shrimp, Hawaii
Tang, Hawaii Spinner Dolphins, Hawaii Longfinned Anthia, Hawaii Wire Coral Goby, Hawaii Green Turtle, Hawaii
Manta Rays, Hawaii Cowrie shell in sea fan, Indonesia Dive buddies, Indonesia Diver and Trumpetfish, Indonesia Brittle Stars, Indonesia
Damselfish and Coral, Indonesia Porcelain Crab, Indonesia Resort sunset, Indonesia Nudibranch, Indonesia Pygmy Seahorse, Indonesia
Pygmy Seahorse, Indonesia Barracuda, Key Largo Blue-Striped Grunts, Key Largo Diver and wreck, Key Largo Queen Angelfish, Key Largo
Loggerhead Turtle, Key Largo Divers on a wreck, Maldives Blue-Faced Angelfish, Maldives Photographer and Batfish, Maldives Batfish and Durgeons, Maldives
Whale Shark, Maldives Wire Coral Goby, Maldives Wire Coral shrimp, Maldives Diver and Soft Corals, Maldives Sweepers in a cave, Maldives
Moray Eel being cleaned, Maldives Rockfish in kelp forest, Monterey Diver and hydrocoral, Monterey Bat Stars, Monterey Vermillion Rockfish, Monterey
Tube Anemone, Monterey Anemone, Monterey Diver and anemones, Monterey Harbor Seal, Monterey Wolf Eel, Monterey
Medusa Jellyfish, Monterey Nudibranch, Monterey Nudibranch eggs, Monterey Alabaster nudibranch, Monterey Nudibranch, Monterey
North Carolina divers, North Carolina Sand Tiger and baitfish, North Carolina Young Sand Tiger, North Carolina Sand Tiger and baitfish, North Carolina Kayaks on the beach, Alaska Kayaking
Kayaks in formation, Alaska Kayaking Waterfalls, Alaska Kayaking On the move, Alaska Kayaking Alaska morning, Alaska Kayaking Rock Islands, Palau
Rock Islands, Palau Wire Coral Shrimp, Palau Diver and manta ray, Palau Anthia and sea fan, Palau Mandarin Goby, Palau
Islands and sea, Palau Koror sunset, Palau Babeldaob waterfall, Palau Gray Reef Shark, Palau Diver and Napoleon Wrasse, Palau
Diver and turtle, Palau Diver and Sea Fan, Philippines Wall dive, Philippines Blue-Spotted Stingray, Philippines Emperor Angelfish, Philippines
Sea Turtle, Philippines Grinning Blenny, Philippines Pygmy Seahorse, Philippines Reef sunset, Philippines Anenomefish, Philippines
Gray Reef sharks, Philippines Dive boat, Philippines Square-Spot Anthia, Philippines School of barracuda, Papua New Guinea Heller's Barracuda, Papua New Guinea
Blue-Spotted Stingray, Papua New Guinea Silvertip Shark, Papua New Guinea Emperor Angelfish, Papua New Guinea Boy and canoe, Papua New Guinea Banded Coral shrimp, Puerto Rico
Diver in caveern, Puerto Rico Diver and wall, Puerto Rico Great Barracuda, Puerto Rico Sunset, Puerto Rico Diver in crack, Roatan
Grouper and sponge, Roatan Dive buddies, Roatan Blackcap Basslet, Roatan Spotted Eagle Ray, Roatan Brimstone Hill fortress, Saba
Basseterre harbor, Saba Shrimp colony, Saba Diver and wreck, Saba Cleaner Shrimp, Saba Diver and sponges, Saba
Cowfish, Saba Secretary Blennie, Saba French Angelfish, Saba Lionfish, Saba Anemones on wreck, San Diego
Mackerel in kelp forest, San Diego Diver and sea fan, Solomons Hawkfish on sea fan, Solomons Cowrie on sea fan, Solomons Diver in current, Solomons
Canoes, Solomons Pygmy Seahorse, Solomons Nudibranch, Solomons Seahorse, St. Croix Diver and baitfish, St. Croix
Trumpetfish, St. Croix Frogfish, St. Croix Diver and wreck, St. Croix Divers and wreck, St. Croix Diver and Sponges, St. Croix
Blackbar Soliderfish, St. Croix Flamingo Tongue on Sea Fan, St. Croix Goby on Star Coral, St. Croix Divers and coral forest, Thailand-Burma Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Thailand-Burma
Anenomefish on the reef, Thailand-Burma Goby living in anenome, Thailand-Burma Two Anenome Shrimp, Thailand-Burma Lionfish hiding in a sea fan, Thailand-Burma Misty islands and flat sea, Thailand-Burma
Fujikawa Maru, Truk Soft coral and diver, Truk Old automobile, Truk Pufferfish, Truk Soft coral, Truk
Divers and wreck, Truk Diver and Rope Sponges, Turks & Caicos Diver and Grouper, Turks & Caicos Feather-Duster Worms, Turks & Caicos Queen Angelfish, Turks & Caicos
Lizardfish, Turks & Caicos Gray Reef Shark, Turks & Caicos Flamingo Tongue, Turks & Caicos Gray Reef Sharks, Turks & Caicos

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