These pictures were taken in December 2003 while on the dive boat Nekton Pilot. Our route took
us out of Belize City to the Turneffe Cays, then out to Lighthouse Reef.

All photos were taken with an Olympus 4040 digital camera and a Tetra housing. Underwater light
was provided by two Sea & Sea YS-120 strobes.

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Map of Belize School of Horseye Jacks under the boat A grouper peers out from his hiding place Queen Angelfish Brittle Starfish on a sponge
Scrawled Filefish, about 2 feet long Brittle Starfish on a sponges at night A Tiger Grouper hiding in a barrel sponge Rock Beauty, a type of angelfish Clear, beautiful turquoise water
A pair of Butterfly fish at night Christmas Tree worms in a coral head Sponges at night Hogfish Another Queen Angelfish
Queen Triggerfish Beautiful sponges Tiny shrimp in an anemone Divemaster Charles Noralez Diver and sponges
Exploring Half Moon Cay Diver and sponges Royal Gramma or Fairy Basslet The lone seahorse of Turneffe Cay Divers on the dropoff
Colorful sponge Belize sunset Flamingo Tongue shells on a sea fan Blue Chromis

Belize, Guatemala and southern Mexico used to be part of the Mayan Empire. The Mayans built many
cities and pyramids of limestone. Many of these cities were quite large; Tikal in Guatemala is
estimated to be 23 square miles, most of it unexcavated. If you go to Belize, take a few days and
see the unforgettable Mayan ruins.

Coati, a relative of the raccoon, at Tikal Pyramids in the jungle, Tikal Carved stone column, Tikal Pyramid in the jungle, Tikal Pyramid steps, Tikal
Temple in the main plaza, Tikal Stone carvings, Tikal Temple in the main plaza, Tikal View of the main plaza, Tikal Palace courtyard, Cahal Pech
Palace courtyard, Cahal Pech Corbeled passageway, Cahal Pech Remains of a ball courtyard, Cahal Pech Main plaza, Altun Ha Pyramid + temple, Altun Ha
View of the plaza from the top, Altun Ha Main temple and a cobeled passageway, Altun Ha

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