These pictures were taken in July 2002 while on the dive boat 'Nautilus Explorer'. We spent two weeks traveling down the coast from Juneau, Alaska to Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

The diving in that area is cold, but it is one of the most amazing, diverse areas that I have ever been to. Life grows very large there in the nutrient-rich waters. Nudibranchs the size of my thumb in California would be the size of my fist in Alaska.

The diving in the Pacific Northwest can be very challenging. Besides the cold temperatures there are strong currents to consider. We could only do two dives a day, at slack tide only. The currents are overpowering any other time.

The Pacific Northwest is an incredible place and I hope to return there soon.

All photos were taken with an Olympus 4040 Digital camera and a Tetra housing. Underwater light was provided by two Sea & Sea YS-120 strobes.

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Map of Alaska + British Columbia Humpback Whale, Queen Charlotte Islands Dendronotus Nudibranch, Fredrick Sound, Alaska Giant Pacific Octopus, Dillon Rock, BC The octopus moving across the reef
Gosh, it was windy at Langara Island that day! Anenomes at St. Lazaria Island near Sitka, Alaska Basket Star, Hydrocoral and Urchin, Fredrick Sound The Nautilus Explorer in Carter Bay, BC Brown Irish Lord, Langara Is, BC
China Rockfish in the Queen Charlotte Islands, BC Large Copper Rockfish, Langara Is Grunt Sculpin, St. Lazaria Island, Sitka, Alaska Hydrocoral and Metridium Anenomes, Biorka Reef, Alaska Millions of Moon Jellyfish
Diane and a large Starfish and Hydrocoral, Biorka Reef Diver and an iceberg near Tracy Arm, Alaska A well-camouflaged Red Irish Lord Moon Jellyfish Diane and a Jellyfish, St. Lazaria Island, Alaska
Diane in the kelp forest, Short Arm Inlet near Sitka Kelp Greenling Diane and a Dendronotus Nudibranch, Alaska Diane and a Dorid Nudibranch, Biorka Reef, Alaska Diamondback Tritonia Nudibranch, Biorka Reef
Lion's Mane Jellyfish and a commensal fish Alabaster Nudibranch, Coronation Island An Orca leaping near Vancouver Island, BC Clown Nudibranchs, Langara Island, BC Diane and a Red Pacific Octopus
Orangepeel Nudibranchs at St. Lazaria Island A rarely-seen Ratfish, Bischoff Island, BC Anenome and Black Rockfish, Langara Is, BC Harbor Seal, at Tracy Arm, Alaska Stellar Sea Lions, Yasha Island, Alaska.
Diver and large bull Stellar Sea Lion Stellar Sea Lion A Sponge covered with tiny shrimp Peach Tunicates Life-encrusted wall at St. Lazaria Island, Alaska
Wolf Eel at Dillon Rock, BC Another Wolf Eel at Dillon Rock

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